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Welcome to the ultrasound-guided nerve blocks App.

Including a selection of 32 nerve blocks that could be performed in more than 50 types of surgeries.
These blocks have been classified based on our staff recommendations-five star system.

All anesthetists may feel hesitant when performing a nerve block:

  • What is the best block for this specific surgical procedure?
  • How can I choose the transducer? And the needle?
  • Where should I place the ultrasound machine and how is the anesthesiologist placed on relation to the patient?
  • What type of approach and what volume of local anesthetic?

Find all the answers to these questions in our App Echo Blocks:

  • Ergonomics.
  • Sonography.
  • Links to tutorial videos.
  • Didactic pictures.
  • And very useful tips about sonoanatomy.

This App is a great tool for anesthetists that love regional anesthesia.

  • Perfect to guide beginners with their first blocks.
  • Useful for the more experienced blockers.
  • An easy way to teach for experts.

This App will make it super easy to choose best block for your surgical procedures.